About Bannu
The derivation of the name Bannu is shrouded in obscurity “Banuchis” claim to be descendants from one Bannu, wife of Shitak Bannu became a district in 1847 Mianwali was a part of Bannu District till 1901....
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Commissioner Bannu Division
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Deputy Commissioner Bannu
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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
DC Office Bannu 09289270032 dcbannu@gmail.com
Additional Deputy Commissioner 09289270437
DO Finance 0928-9070080
AC Bannu 0928-9270039 acbannu@gmail.com
AC Sub Div Wazir 0928-9270067 apafrbannu@yahoo.com
AAC-I Bannu 0928-9270381
AAC-II Bannu 0928-9270440
AAC- Revenue 0928-9270155
Planning Office/DN 0928-9270065
Account Officer 0928-9270244
Superintendent DC Office 0928-9270117
PS to DC 0928-9270081
Finance Computer Cell 0928-621670
PMRU Cell 0928-620089 naqibullah517@gmail.com
TMO Bannu 0928-9270188
Food Office 0928-9270043
Education Office (Male) 0928-660005
District Director Agriculture 0928-9270059 ddabxu@gmail.com
C&W Bannu 0928-9270111
DHO Office Bannu 0928-9270227 dhobannu311@yahoo.com
DMO Education Office 0928-620610 imu.bannu@gmail.com
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